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Designed with participants to be much easier than spreadsheets, or anything else out there.

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Your data is securely stored in the cloud and never shared with anyone.

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Free app for all your basic self-management needs. No hidden costs.

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Track your support sessions, claims & invoices

"Did this session happen last month?"
"Did I pay for that already?"
You've probably been there, just like a lot of us.

Humane provides you a simple way to add sessions and record what's paid and claimed. You can store all your invoices, so you never have to worry about an NDIS audit.

Stay on top of your budget

Calculating budgets manually or using spreadsheets is tiring and unintuitive.  
Using Humane, you can simply add sessions to update your budget and plans automatically.

Humane allows you track your budget in real-time, so you can confidently make decisions for your support.

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Plan your funds for the future

Have you missed out on services because the funds ended a couple of months before the plan? Or have you quickly needed to finish the funds all in the final weeks?

Humane allows you to plan and forecast your funds for the future, so you never miss out on the supports you deserve.

What are people saying?

Our early supporters love our product and mission

I've been using excel spreadsheets for 2 years to self-manage my son's plan. I thought I had a good system but after using Humane, it's just so much quicker and easier to manage everything. Now, I can never go back.
Mother of NDIS participant with Autism, user since Sep 2020
This app is a game changer for self-managing participants. My clients are completely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform. The team is also constantly listening to feedback and making it better every day.
Snow Li
NDIS Program Manager
I am loving the Humane Care platform. It has made managing my budgets so much easier.
NDIS participant, and user since Oct, 2020
All the other apps I’ve looked at haven’t been able to handle lumpy forecasts or take into account the actual spend time date combined with forecast.

This is amazing, and I love the ability to add planned spend.
NDIS participant, and user since Oct, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Why should I switch from excel spreadsheets or another app to Humane?

Our initial users say that the biggest advantage was maintaining peace of mind as they could stay prepared for an audit, and also plan and forecast their budget to confidently make decisions. They also saved hours every week managing their plan, and found the app much more powerful but sill easier to use than spreadsheets.

How secure is my data?

We take privacy and security of your data very seriously. It belongs only to you, and we never share or sell your data. All your data is stored securely in the cloud with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard and strict security protocols. The app is built by engineers with years of expertise.

Is it really free? How do you make money?

The app is completely free for all basic self-management needs and will stay so forever. In future, we will release a paid "Advanced" tier with extra features that you can pay from using your core funding.

Do you support if I have questions?

Yes, 100%. You can use the in-app chat feature to message any time and get your questions answered within a couple of days.

I'm already self-managing my plan using spreadsheets. Can I still switch?

Yes, definitely! More than half of our early users switched from spreadsheets to the app while their plan was still going. You will have complete choice over how to manage. Some users start tracking only from the day they join the app, while others also add all their past sessions too.

Can I use the platform, if only part of my plan is self-managed? Can I use it for NDIA or Plan managed categories of my plan?

Yes, you can use it to manage funds for the self-managed categories of your plan.
You can use the app for NDIA or Plan managed categories of your budget to plan your funds for the future. Some features will not be applicable to you.

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