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Make most of your NDIS plan. Never overspend or underspend. Be prepared for gov audits.
Manage support sessions, invoices, budget, and plan ahead with confidence!

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Easy to use

Designed with families. Much easier than excel, or anything else out there.

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Incredibly Secure

Your data is strongly encrypted, and never shared with anyone.

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Quick support

Get answers to your questions fast, if you ever get stuck or need a hand

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Record your support sessions, claims & invoices

Have a clear view of all your providers, support sessions, payments and claims in one place.

Upload invoices and receipts securely in the cloud, and never worry about NDIS audit again.

Stay on top of your budget

Calculating budgets manually or using spreadsheets is tiring. Budget in NDIS portal can be outdated by weeks and can lead to spending money that doesn't exist.

Humane allows you see all your budget in real-time, so you can make confident and better care decisions.

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Plan your funds for the future

Planning NDIS funds so they last the whole plan is very important, but hard. This can lead to missing support for months or spending money out of pocket.

With Humane, you can add recurring sessions when you plan and see how long your funds will last for each category. Get prompts for upcoming sessions and missing records to stay on track.

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What are people saying?

Our early supporters love our product and mission

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I've been using excel spreadsheets for 2 years to self-manage my son's plan. I thought I had a good system but after using Humane, it's just so much quicker and easier to manage everything. Now, I can never go back.
Mother of NDIS participant with Autism, user since Sep 2020
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This app is a game changer for self-managing participants. My clients are completely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform. The team is also constantly listening to feedback and making it better every day.
Snow Li
NDIS Program Manager
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I am loving the Humane Care platform. It has made managing my budgets so much easier.
NDIS participant, and user since Oct, 2020
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All the other apps I’ve looked at haven’t been able to handle lumpy forecasts or take into account the actual spend time date combined with forecast.

This is amazing, and I love the ability to add planned spend.
NDIS participant, and user since Oct, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Why should I change from excel spreadsheets to Humane?

It's simply easier! You can use our loved budget planning tool to forecast all your spending. The platform automatically prompts you and updates budget in real-time, and a record of everything is in one place. All of this saves you time, effort and helps you make better care decisions.

I'm self-managing in the middle of my plan. Can I join Humane now?

Yes, definitely! Most early users joined while their plan was still going. You can follow our onboarding process, or just shoot an email and we can help set you up within a day!

Can I use the platform, if only part of my plan is self-managed?

Yes, you can still use it to manage funds for the self-managed categories of your plan.
You can use the app for NDIA or Plan managed categories of your budget to plan your funds for the future. Some features will not be applicable.

Can I ask for help if I have questions?

Yes, 100%. We tend to reply very quickly to any queries - often within minutes but in almost all cases within a business day. You can use the in-app chat feature to message any time.

Are you associated with any plan management companies?

No, we're independent and not associated with any plan management company. That means we do not show you any advertisements or try to upsell you to plan management.

What happens to my data if I change to Humane but don't like the platform?

No problem, we understand! We'll create an export of all of your saved data and provide it to you so you do not lose anything and can continue managing your plan.