Our mission is to use technology to deliver excellent care

Photo of the founder Jatin

Hi! I'm Jatin. In 2020, I left my job as a data scientist because I believed there was a better way to deliver care. I believe that the best care happens when exceptional humans are enabled by incredible technology. Then only, can individuals and their families be empowered to live their best lives and achieve their goals.

I started Humane to fulfil this vision. The name refers to how we envision ideal care to be - Humane i.e. compassionate. Along the way, two members from my own extended family got diagnosed with Autism. This only made the mission stronger.

I've started small, with humble beginnings - a small funding and one simple product. The disability management product has now helped around 100 families maintain peace of mind and save hours every week. Our core values have been to keep customers at the centre of everything and we strive to provide them excellent experience in every aspect. For example, we've answered 98% of queries within 2 business days.

But, our goals are big. We aim to enable multiple stakeholders in the care industry with technology to improve quality and reduce costs of care and its delivery.

I've also been so fortunate to get support from so many exceptional individuals in my journey from existing industry workers, organisations and researchers. But most importantly, messages and emails like these are the reason that keeps me going on the journey.

"Hi Jatin, I absolutely love the Humane App.  I have myself & 2 children as ndis participants.  And signed up all 3 of us.  I have used it to fully record #### plan so far, and are working on setting up the other 2 to work properly. It is much much easier for me to track than using my excel spreadsheet.  I love it. I also tried ****, but it was too tedious to use.  Your App is brilliant. Thank you!"

Jatin Wadhwa,
Founder at Humane

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