Announcing Humane Pro Beta

Jatin Wadhwa
May 17, 2021

We are announcing Humane Beta Pro! This is the paid version of our product with some highly requested features like multiple participants, unlimited plans, premium support and more...

At Humane, we're completely focused on building you the best app for self-managing your disability care.

As a step forward in that direction, next week we’re releasing the first public beta version of Humane Pro. This will include great new features such as:

  • Unlimited session tracking
  • Unlimited planning
  • Multiple participants (yay!)
  • Unlimited plans for each participant
  • Premium super quick support
  • and much more...

The current version of Humane will continue to be free but with limitations on participants, plans and sessions. The paid version costs $25/month or $200/year and can be claimed from any NDIS budget category!

We’re calling this version "beta" because we believe we’re still very early in what we want the product to be. "Beta" is a common term for a software product at this stage of development (read more about alpha and beta versions here).

We have a lot of exciting product updates in works, and we will be regularly releasing those to our Humane Pro customers. You can follow us on our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with forthcoming improvements.

If you're an existing free user, you can keep using the product as you were. If and when you feel ready to upgrade, give the beta version of Humane Pro a try - we hope you'll love it.

Disability management should be easy, and we’re committed to make it so. We could definitely use your help in achieving this goal. The best way is to join our beta program where you provide regular feedback and you get us to build a product that solves all your needs. For a limited time, you also get a 25% discount as a thank you from us.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at