Humane August 2021 update

Jatin Wadhwa
August 20, 2021

Humane Care brings product updates for August 2021. We have everything to make your fund management journey efficient and easy. There are major changes with regards to tracking sessions along with minor changes in the providers section, calendar and referral & credit points. Check out our blog for more information.

Welcome to our product updates blog #1!

Here’s a rundown of the new features and tools you can now take advantage of Drumrolls......

1. Manage Providers Efficiently

Now you can manage Providers on a separate page. To make it easier and efficient there is option of adding additional information like ABN, Primary contact details, etc. to help you manage Providers efficiently.

2. New Calendar view to Track Support Sessions

   We have provided a whole new Calendar view to manage sessions from the Track Support page.

3. Introducing Credit Points

   Each Credit Point is equal to 1 Australian Dollar (AUD). You can use our Refer and Earn program to earn Credit Points.

How do Refer and Earn works?

  • Send your Referral link to your friends, and when they signup and subscribe to our Yearly PRO plan you will get 25 Credit Points 😎.
  • Additionally if you signup with a Referral Code, you will get 25 Credit Points 🥳.

What can you do with Credit Points?

  • Get a Discount of up to 100 AUD when you subscribe to our Yearly PRO plan 😇.
  • You can extend your Yearly PRO plan with the Credit Points (25 Credit Points for 1 month) 🤩.