Humane May 2021 update

Jatin Wadhwa
May 17, 2021

The post introduces the founder Jatin, the reason he started Humane as the NDIS self-management app and what the company is up to in May 2021. He talks about the Remarkable accelerator selection and the upcoming Humane Pro Beta.

Hi, if we haven't spoken previously, I should introduce myself! My name is Jatin Wadhwa and I'm the founder and CEO of Humane Care.

I started Humane because I believed two things to be true:
1. NDIS self-management gives participants and families the most control and choice but it also means more responsibilities for families who might already be overwhelmed.
2. If you're able to systematically manage disability funds and care, it results in more time savings and peace of mind for you. It also brings better care results for participants. But this is not easy to do.

I experienced the same when someone from my extended family went through NDIS. So, at the end of 2020, we released Humane's first MVP - a free product to help families self-manage their NDIS funds and care.

Since then, Humane has touched over a hundred families, and received some amazing feedback. But we also heard a lot about what's missing and what to improve.

Recently, we got selected in, and received funding from the Remarkable accelerator (more on this in another post). For the next few months, our main focus will be to use these funds to build the best self-management product out there. If you have suggestions or want us to build to solve for your problems, let us know by joining our beta program.

The first step in this process is our launch of Humane Pro Beta. This will be the first paid version of the app which will allow for unlimited sessions, planning, and for multiple participants and plans. Apart from this, the paid version will keep on receiving constant bi-weekly updates and improvements.

Based on your feedback, we have some big updates planned, with the aim of saving you a lot more time, and helping you take better care. Follow our [FB page]( for constant updates and reach out to for any questions.