Your NDIS plan categories explained: Consumables

Jatin Wadhwa
January 7, 2021

You guide on what the budget category 'Consumables' in your plan means. What can you spend funding for Consumables on and what does it cover?

Your NDIS plan is divided into different budget categories. What categories you get depends on the needs and the goals of the NDIS participant. As a reminder, there are three main categories under which you can get your NDIS funding. These are Core, Capital and Capacity Building supports.

Today we're going to be looking at the Core funding sub-category: Consumables

What is the budget category 'Consumables'?

The Consumables budget category allows you to purchase low-cost and low-risk everyday items for your disability related needs. You can buy these items in-store or from online retailers too. Many of the items are what you can consume and then dispose off, hence the name consumables. Examples are things like continence products, low cost assistive technology, equipments to improve your mobility and even sign language interpreters.

The consumables budget covers low-cost items up to $1500.

It is really flexible - which means that once you have your consumables budget, you can spend it on whatever items you want as long as they are reasonable, necessary and in-line with your goals.

What can you buy from 'Consumables' budget category?

Specific examples of what you can access under Consumables are -

  • Continence products, pull-ups, nappies etc.
  • Disposable pads and pants
  • Absorbent products
  • Leg bags
  • Catheters
  • Specialised food supplements
  • Eating and drinking aids like modified cups
  • Pumps and syringes for home enteral nutrition (HEN) purposes
  • Food preparation products
  • Daily living aids
  • Protective aids
  • Specialised mattresses and pillows
  • Bed and chair protection
  • Interpreting and translating services
  • Auslan or signed English training

General items not related to your disability like grocery, cosmetics and prescription medications are not covered.

How to buy consumables from your funding?

You can generally buy consumables by paying directly at an online store, chemist, hardware store or supermarket. For items over $1500 you will most likely require a couple of quote.

For the specific items you are buying, generally you will be able to find multiple NDIS registered providers with an online search or in your local community. Make sure to shop around and check from a few different sources so that you get the best value for money. This will help your consumables funding go a long way.

What are some other things to keep in mind?

  • NDIS released updates in May and June of 2020, confirming participants can now use their core funding across all core funding categories. This means your funds under 'Consumables' can also be used for other Core categories like Assistance with Daily Life, Assistance with Social & Community Participation, and Transport.
  • Similarly if you do not have funds for consumables but you do in other Core categories like Assistance with Daily Life, you can use that funding on consumables. You do not need to ask for a review!
  • You can also use this funding to pay for product delivery and unpacking costs.
  • You can also buy a smart device like iPad to continue your support for coronavirus, although you might need to confirm this with your LAC.
  • You cannot use this funding in general to cover gym memberships, to cover the cost of food or delivered meals, leaning supplies, toiletries, etc.
  • The amount of funding for Consumables will likely be different in each NDIS plan. This is based on participant’s needs and goals towards this category. Higher level of disability impairment or need will generally lead to higher funding amounts.

If you're self-managing your NDIS plan, you can use Humane's disability management app to store all your invoices and records in one place, stay prepared for audits and view, forecast and plan your budget in real time.

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